About Us

Who are we

About Care Express Services

Jasper is a passionate young adult that have been thinking how he can start a business that meets social needs and promote a better society. He noticed that the current status quo for handicapped individuals to travel from one place to another is very troublesome. Hence, we started care express to provide a hassle-free mode of transport to enable handicapped individuals to travel around easily. 

CES provides transportation for people with limited mobility with our specialised vehicles.  We have buses that are installed with wheelchair-lift that allows wheelchair-bound individuals to easily access our buses. Our passengers do not have to get off their wheelchair from the moment they are out of their houses. 

Why we choose to do it

Our vision for a better tomorrow starts by promoting inclusiveness to our society. Our means of doing this is to ease mobility with PWDs by providing a safe, reliable, convenient, and cost-effective solution to PWD transportation services.
Care Express Services aims to be Singapore’s top wheelchair transport service provider by easing the reliance of PWDs to their caregivers. We do so by offering quality and reliable transport options as well as caring drivers the put your mind at ease.
Our motto is: On time, safely.

Mission & Vision

Our mission at Care Express Services is to enhance safe mobility of PWDs for greater independence and convenience.
Care Express Service’s vision is creating a better tomorrow for PWDs and their family members.